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Chiefs vs. Browns: Eric Berry Makes A Couple Of Rookie Mistakes

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I know people love Eric Berry and he's done an excellent job since the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in April. We haven't had much to criticize with him -- he tied for the lead in tackles against the Browns -- but he provided us a pair of critique-worthy moments on Sunday afternoon.

The first came on a pass play with Seneca Wallace hitting Ben Watson about 15 yards down field. Berry was behind the play and took the wrong angle coming up on Watson and let him slip by picking up over 20 yards after the catch.

The Browns eventually scored due in large part to that play that got them inside the 10-yard line.

The second came on the 65-yard touchdown pass to Josh Cribbs. Wallace faked the handoff causing Berry to pause. That split second gave Cribbs the edge and took Berry, the safety, out of the play.

That lead directly to a touchdown.

The CBS announcers were saying that things like that will happen this season with a rookie. He has a lot of responsibility in just his second NFL game. There are plays that you just have to experience yourself before you can avoid the mistakes.

But instead of Berry's mistakes being the narrative after this one, people will be talking about him leading the team in tackles on Sunday and being strong in run support.

That's what a win does for you.

So what's the general consensus on Berry so far? I definitely give him good grades but recognize that he will make rookie mistakes. Basically, about what I expected.

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