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Chiefs vs. Packers Preseason: Is A Victory Important?

It's our weekly question: Do the Kansas City Chiefs have to win their preseason game?

This time around it's the Green Bay Packers. The last three games I've said they need to win. That didn't happen against the Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Philadelphia Eagles.

I know a lot (most) of the folks disagree with my thought process that the Chiefs need to win.

Believe me, I hear you. I know the preseason is meaningless. A preseason loss won't hurt the Chiefs

But a preseason win could help them.

Don't you get the feeling that this team needs momentum to win? Last year they lost five straight games, then won three of five then lost five more in a row. That's certainly not evidence that I'm right but I don't think it hurts my case.

It's been two years and five days since the Chiefs won a preseason game.

Part of why I want them to win is selfish. It's more fun to go into a winning locker room after the game. I went to all the Chiefs home games last year (including preseason) and saw one winning locker room -- the Steelers win.

Don't you want to switch things up and talk about a victory?

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