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Chiefs vs. Browns: The Only Prediction That Matters

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Is this about the way we expected this game to go with the Kansas City Chiefs 16-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns?

The offense struggled, there was a non-offensive touchdown and the Chiefs ended it the same way they did against San Diego -- victory formation. That sounds about right.

Before the game, many of us made predictions. I'm going to look at my five pre-game predictions and I encourage you to go back and look at yours as well.

I was right on the only prediction that really matters.

Matt Cassel throws for over 200 yards.

I was wrong. Cassel went for 176 yards on 16-of-28 passing. We'll be waiting until week three for his first 200-yard game of the season.

The Chiefs will not lose the turnover battle.

They tied, so they didn't lose. Cassel threw two picks while Browns QB Seneca Wallace threw one and the Browns fumbled away another one (on a questionable call).

The Chiefs will have one kick return taken past the 50 yard-line.

I was way wrong on this one. The Browns kick and punt coverage was superb. They didn't let Arenas, who took the majority of the kick and punt returns, room to do anything. They had a really impressive day.

There will be no special teams touchdowns in this game.

Correct again although the Chiefs did have a return touchdown -- interception by Brandon Flowers. The Chiefs couldn't make it happen again with a punt return.

The Chiefs will win.

For the second week in a row, I was correct on the one prediction that really matters.

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