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Chiefs vs. Browns: Good Win For Romeo Crennel In Return To Cleveland

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On Friday after the Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up practice, defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel fielded a few questions about his return to Cleveland, where he coached from 2005-2008.

Crennel said then that leading up to the week he wasn't really paying attention to the people he knew in Cleveland.

"My daughter got a message to me that my phone was full and she couldn’t leave a message," Crennel said Friday. "That is the way it goes and you really don’t have time to think about acquaintances and things like that because you are focused on the game plan and how your players are practicing and what they are doing."

After the Chiefs big victory over the Browns, Brandon Flowers told reporters that Crennel didn't bring up once his time in Cleveland while preparing for the Browns this week.

"Maybe after the game you might be able to say, ‘hey, I remember Joe Smith’ or something like that," Crennel said Friday. "Leading up to the game you are focused on getting your guys ready to play."

Suffice to say, those extra hours he spent on the game plan worked out as the Chiefs had an excellent plan against the Seneca Wallace-led Browns.

You can find a good description of Romeo Crennel from Kent Bab's story in the Kansas City Star this morning. He doesn't come across as the type of guy who would want to shove it back into his old team's face or anything like that but I imagine he's enjoying this victory a little more than most.

Browns fans remember him most because of all the losses under his regime but that's not to say he can't still run a defense, as they saw on Sunday.

So far, he's got the Chiefs defense focused and playing better than they have in maybe even a few seasons. Good win for Romeo in a return to Cleveland.

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