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Chiefs vs. Browns: Mixed Signals About Cleveland's Offensive Game Plan

Last year against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jerome Harrison and the Cleveland Browns put up a ridiculous rushing day coming nine yards short of the NFL single-game rushing record. Logic would suggest that the Browns plan to do the same thing in 2010. The defense the Chiefs will send out on the field today is nearly identical to the defense that had the ball run down their throats last year.

So how will the Browns handle it?

Clearly, the strategy has to involve running the ball. "To go away from that strategy," writes Chris Pokorny of Dawgs By Nature, "at least to start off the game, would mean that offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is trying to outthink himself."

And it's quite possible that happens. Last week, the Browns top two running backs had just nine carries each -- sound familiar, Chiefs fans? -- and "neither seemed to be an integral part of the game plan," per Pokorny.

"For whatever reason, the offense turned into Jake Delhomme dropping back and throwing the ball 35+ times. We didn't dump Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn so that our offense could turn into an aerial assault: bringing in a veteran like Delhomme was supposed to allow the team to have a quarterback who could make a few throws here and there after the running game had been established."

If you're confused about who you are, then you're already in trouble. A smart man once told me that you need to be honest with your self-evaluations. It sounds like the Browns don't quite know who they are yet.

After reading this, I think you need to give the Chiefs some credit: They stick to their strengths. The passing offense is far from a strength so the Chiefs avoided it much of the game against the San Diego Chargers.

Here's to hoping the Browns get away from what they do best.

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