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Chiefs vs. Browns: The Cyclone And Comparing Delhomme, Wallace

Cleveland Browns QB Jake Delhomme is listed as doubtful this week against the Kansas City Chiefs so we're assuming he won't be playing today.

That means it'll be QB Seneca Wallace. I recently talked with Chris Pokorny of Dawgs By Nature recently about the difference between a Delhomme-led offense and a Wallace-led offense.

The most intriguing aspect: The Cyclone offense. That would be Wallace and Josh Cribbs in the backfield at the same time. Pokorny tells me it's one of the most compelling aspects of an offense that lacks superstars. It worked well last week when Cribbs hit Wallace for a nine-yard pass.

Pokorny tells me that whether it's Delhomme or Wallace, ultimately it likely doesn't matter. He predicts the output of each quarterback would be about the same.

Delhomme is good at standing in the pocket and going through his reads quickly before firing an accurate ball. His weakness sort of parallels what Brett Favre does sometimes -- he's on such a high that he'll make a throw that hurts his team (see the interception before halftime to Ronde Barber last week).

Wallace is good at using his mobility and throwing on the run with accuracy. His problem is that he often rolls out too often, and if the defense expects it the play will die immediately.

In short: The Browns will run the Cyclone offense at times, Wallace loves to roll out often and the Browns aren't much better or worse with Wallace instead of Delhomme.

Thanks to Chris Pokorny of Dawgs By Nature for teaching me a little bit about the Browns offense.

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