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Chiefs vs. Browns: Eric Mangini On Meeting Eric Berry

If you can rewind way back to around March and April, then you probably remember that the Cleveland Browns were one of the teams that were interested in Eric Berry. It seemed that your average mock draft had Berry headed to the Kansas City Chiefs or Cleveland Browns.

So both the Chiefs and Browns liked Berry. Browns head coach Eric Mangini was schooled in a similar thinking on personnel as Chiefs GM Scott Pioli so it's not a big surprise they were interested in the same player -- and it doesn't hurt he's really good.

Mangini recently discussed Berry and what his first meeting with him was like.

"I really liked him personally," Coach Eric Mangini said. "He was all football. He had a very mature, professional approach to pro football and the things that were important to him weren’t the contract, where he was drafted or any of the other things that can sometimes creep into high draft picks. "It was, ‘Where am I going to be?’ ‘How can I start?’ ‘How can I contribute to that team?’"

That's the line we've heard from most people associated with him from teammates to coaches to other acquaintances.

The Browns instead drafted T.J. Ward in the second round that year. He led the Browns with ten tackles on Sunday. It'll be interesting to watch the progression of each player's career because I think the Browns would have pounced on Berry if they could have.

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