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Kansas City Chiefs DC Romeo Crennel: 'I don’t want to be embarrassed on Sunday'

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Last year, in Week 15 of the regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs gave up 8,000 total yards to the Cleveland Browns in a 41 to 34 loss. 

Browns running back Jerome Harrison had 286 rushing yards. Josh Cribbs returned two kicks for touchdowns. It was a game to forget. 

When asked if the Chiefs' defense feels embarrassed about last season's loss, Chiefs DC Romeo Crennel said, "I hope they do, because it was embarrassing. I don't want to be embarrassed on Sunday."

This was the first time Romeo Crennel (and Charlie Weis) had spoken to the Kansas City media this season. Crennel touched upon other topics as well. Via the mothership:

  • On staying up late with Browns coach Eric Mangini watching film and eating: "Nachos with cheese you know? That is football, it is late hours and you are over there and it is good to have somebody else over there with you."
  • On defensive depth: "Our system is not a complicated system so the guys that we have been working understand the system and where they need to fit. We are confident that when they go into the game, they will be able to perform and do the job for us."
  • On if LB Mike Vrabel is a coach on the field: "No, he is a player but he does have a lot of experience in the system and has the ability to help his teammates a lot out there on the field."
Not a bad read from our defensive coordinator. Check out the full highlights

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