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Are The Chiefs Affected By The NFL's New Umpire Rules?

The NFL tweaked some of their rules regarding officials this year and it's causing a problem for some of the hurry up offense teams like the Indianapolis Colts. They moved the umpire from the defensive side of the ball to behind the quarterback.

Now teams like the Colts feel like the flow of the game has been slowed down because at times they have to wait for the umpire to get behind the quarterback.

Now, the Chiefs often run a no-huddle offense. They're not quite moving at the speed that the Colts do but I can see how this could create some issues. Thus far, we've heard no grumblings from One Arrowhead Drive that it's a problem.

Earlier this afternoon, I talked with Broadway Joe -- that's Joe Namath -- about this very topic and asked him what the solution was to the problem of having the umpire behind the quarterback.

All of us have watched baseball over the years and it happens to be that one of the six umpires out there now is wearing equipment behind the plate because it's a dangerous position. What I really don't understand is why we can't go ahead and protect the umpire on the football field with the proper head gear so when his head hits the ground he has protection, and with the proper shoulder gear and rib pads for the same reason.

Basically, revert them back to their normal position and put some lightweight equipment on them. Makes sense, no? His biggest concern was that waiting for the umpire at times disrupts the flow of the game and I can definitely see that. The Chiefs run a no-huddle offense somewhat consistently so I can see how at times it could be a problem.

I'd be curious to hear what some of you with playing experience think about the new rules. We haven't talked about it much here because it doesn't seem to be a problem.

Check out the full story on my talk with Joe Namath over at He's also got a video up at Broadway Joe TV talking about it. Interesting conversation fodder on a Friday afternoon.

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