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NFL Picks: Chiefs Beat Chargers, But Picked To Lose To Browns

Last week the majority of ESPN's panel of experts picked the San Diego Chargers to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Considering what we thought before that game, that wasn't a bad pick.

There were two folks -- Adam Schefter and Ron Jaworkski -- who picked the Chiefs to win last week. Curiously, neither Schefter nor Jaworski picked the Chiefs to beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.


There were only two folks who are picking the Chiefs -- Mike Golic and Mark Schlereth. The latter of those two used to play for the Denver Broncos so he knows how a big win in Kansas City can affect the team moving forward.

The final pick for the Chiefs is from ESPN's fan voting.

Sounds like we weren't the only ones watching the Chiefs on Monday night.

(H/T jmcgoblue)

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