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Browns' Jake Delhomme Doesn't Practice; Focus Shifts To Seneca Wallace Against Chiefs

Cleveland Browns QB Jake Delhomme will miss another practice on Friday due to an ankle injury increasing the odds that QB Seneca Wallace will be the starter against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Browns aren't saying much on the topic so it's possible they're going to let this decision linger as long as possible to keep the Chiefs guessing.

The Chiefs generally say you gotta practice to play and I imagine the Browns have a similar philosophy. That doesn't mean Delhomme won't start -- it's just that the signs are pointing to Wallace right now.

If the Chiefs defense is disciplined, they can play well against Wallace, who isn't the drop-back passer that Delhomme is. Wallace does offer, however, a unique advantage: His legs. Even with that advantage, Wallace says the offense doesn't change with him.

If Wallace does indeed start, it'll be interesting to see how the Chiefs defense handles it. They'll face the Tennessee Titans and QB Vince Young later in the season so this could be a good warm-up test for them.

If Delhomme is out on Sunday, it'll be interesting to see if the Chiefs become the favorites.

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