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Chiefs, Browns Say Cleveland's 2009 Rushing Performance Doesn't Matter

On December 20, 2009, the Kansas City Chiefs lost to Jerome Harrison and the Cleveland Browns. I mention Harrison because he put up a near-record breaking performance against the Chiefs with 286 yards.

That will keep Harrison's name in NFL memories for quite some times but he says that game hasn't changed anything with him, or how he'll prepare for the Chiefs.

"How I go about playing the game and preparing and my outlook on the sport? No, not at all. Not yet at least."

Harrison will be facing what appears to be a much stiffer defense led by Romeo Crennel who, by the way, drafted Harrison. It's an interesting dynamic and though Crennel struggled as a head coach, Harrison says he's grateful for Crennel.

"He gave me a chance to play in this league by drafting me, so I have a ton of respect for Romeo," he said, per the Cleveland Leader.

Browns fullback Lawrence Vickers says Crennel "has that defense playing great" and, like Harrison, says last year's performance doesn't matter.

"It does not exist to me, it’s not in my head," he said. "I’m trained to think of this week and this week only, and that’s all I think about. Last year does not exist to me, it’s a totally different year."

It's not just the Browns that think this way. Andy Studebaker told us in the Chiefs locker room on Thursday that the Browns are a different team and the Chiefs are a different team.

If I'm the Chiefs, and I was on this team last year, I'm not sure how I can forget that day. It was embarrassing for the defense and for the organization. I'd be using that as motivation (which I'm sure they are).

If things go the way I think the Chiefs want it to go, that 286-yard performance last year will be a forgotten memory after Sunday.

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