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Former Chiefs WR Lance Long Gets A Tryout In New England

The Kansas City Chiefs signed WR Lance Long about a year ago from the Arizona Cardinals. He came in on the practice squad and within a few weeks was being called up. He started off well but fast forward a year and Long was released from the Chiefs during roster cut down week at the beginning of September.

As a free agent, Long's generated at least some interest from the New England Patriots.

Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reports Long was one of a few receivers that got a tryout in New England this week.

Anyone else not surprised the Patriots took a look at him? Chiefs coach Todd Haley said at one point, "I'll take 53 Lance Longs," as a nod to his attitude and work ethic.

It seems that the Patriots and Chiefs tend to like the same attributes in players so Long's workout in New England doesn't surprise me.

By the way, I wouldn't forget about Lance Long. The Chiefs could very easily have a receiver go down for a week and someone like Long can step right in.

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