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Chiefs vs. Browns: Chances Of Rain In Cleveland, Too

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If there was an x-factor not named Dexter McCluster in the Kansas City Chiefs 21-14 over the San Diego Chargers then it was the rain.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has spent the week explaining that many of the decisions they made offensively were done with the rain in mind. He is adamant that preventing turnovers in the wet playing conditions was one, if not the biggest reason for the Chiefs conservative offense in week one.

Getting to see the Chiefs in a normal game environment has been one of the biggest reasons I'm looking forward to the Cleveland Browns because, against the Chargers, there were too many variables to accurately gauge some of the progress.

The problem?

It's supposed to rain in Cleveland.

It's still three days away but right now forecasters are calling for a 40% chance of precipitation which means there's a good shot -- at this point anyway -- that there will be rain once again.

We might have to wait yet another week for the Chiefs to try to win outside of the rain.

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