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Jason Whitlock Isn't Betting On The Kansas City Chiefs

Jason Whitlock spent 16 years talking about the Kansas City Chiefs while at the Kansas City Star. Just because he's not writing about the hometown team on a weekly basis doesn't mean he's forgotten about them.

Whitlock must have watched the Chiefs 21-14 victory over the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football because he had a few words on them in his latest column on

Kansas City’s victory over the Chargers was a total fluke. Todd Haley and Scott Pioli refuse to showcase Jamaal Charles solely because Herm Edwards drafted him. KC’s front seven can’t pressure the quarterback. The rain and the sloppiness of Arrowhead Stadium’s grass stopped the Chargers. The Chiefs have no No. 1 receiver or quarterback.

There are some things I agree with there and some things I don't agree with.

First, was the win a fluke? As fans of the team, we'd disagree but...they did score on a 50+ yard touchdown, punt return touchdown and another score that was setup by a fumble recovery returned to the 12-yard line. Oh, and the quarterback didn't pass for over 70 yards. I can see how people would call that fluky.

Regarding Jamaal Charles, I think he's completely wrong. If they weren't playing him because Herm Edwards drafted him then why is Dwayne Bowe starting? Branden Albert? Both those guys were drafted by the previous regime, both had weight or perceived attitude issues yet both are starting.

As for the front seven, he's right and wrong. The Chiefs are capable of pressuring the quarterback as we saw with the five sacks in one game during the preseason. However, have they done it consistently? Nope.

If the "rain and sloppiness" of that game stopped the Chargers, then I'd like to see them when they're on because Philip Rivers still threw for 298 yards. I think it was less about the sloppiness of the game and more about the Chiefs making a play at the right time.

Do the Chiefs have a No. 1 receiver? Maybe...but I'm not sure who it is. Bowe or Chris Chambers. Do the Chiefs have a quarterback? Certainly not one that was necessarily part of the solution in recent games.

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