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Chiefs Coach Reminds Players, 'This Isn't Our Super Bowl'

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel had an interesting quote on Wednesday just two days after the Monday Night Football victory over the Cleveland Browns San Diego Chargers.

"Coach has put a great emphasis this week so far," Cassel said, "since we’ve gotten started here, that this isn’t our Super Bowl – it is one of 16 games. Our goal wasn’t just to come in here and beat San Diego, that’s not the season’s goal. It was a great start to the season, but at the same time we understand that we want to win a lot more games around here last year. That being said, we’ve got to refocus and get ready for a game that’s going to be right around the corner here."

This is a critical point that I think Todd Haley is banging into his players' heads.

Rewind to last year after the Chiefs thrilling victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Following that game, the Chiefs went on to lose five straight. They had lost five straight to start off the season but the second streak was even worse because the Chiefs had already shown what they're capable of. They lost games to teams they could have of conceivably beaten like the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills and even the Denver Broncos, who were reeling down the stretch.

I imagine keeping the focus and getting the players re-energized for the Browns game will be arguably Haley's biggest task.

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