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Chiefs vs. Browns: Seneca Wallace Says Cleveland Offense Doesn't Change With Him

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Cleveland Browns QB Jake Delhomme is currently rehabbing an ankle injury he suffered in last week's 17-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It's not clear yet whether he'll be able to go and from many accounts it appears the Browns want to keep it that way. Early indications are that the Browns will wait as long as they can to declare their starting quarterback for Sunday against the Chiefs.

If Delhomme can't go, it'll be QB Seneca Wallace. As a more athletic quarterback with better legs, Wallace presents a whole different set of challenges.

Even with his running ability, Wallace says that the Cleveland offense doesn't change much with him in there.

"Not much different.  There is some stuff, obviously, in the game plan that I’m real familiar with that we did a lot in Seattle.  It’s pretty much the same game plan and my job is to make sure I execute those plays as well as possible and move the ball and score some points for us offensively."

Hmm...I'm not sure if I'm buying that. Using the same game plan wouldn't allow the Browns to exploit Wallace's strengths.

Maybe it's just because John Elway killed the Chiefs for so many years on bootlegs and being able to move around with his feet, but a running quarterback scares me. It's just one more thing for the Chiefs defense to worry about.

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