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Chiefs vs. Browns: Eric Mangini Previews Kansas City

Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini is familiar with the Kansas City Chiefs style of play. That's because he was in New England with Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, the Chiefs two coordinators.

Mangini talked to the Cleveland media on Wednesday and previewed the Chiefs offense, defense and special teams.

Here are the key points he hits on: Jamaal Charles is a threat on offense, the run defense has improved and the Chiefs returners are very dangerous.


"Their offense, they have some explosive play makers," said Mangini. "Jamaal Charles, his numbers are staggering. I think he was the quickest to reach 1,100 yards in terms of the number of carries to get to 1,100 yards.


"I think they’ve improved their run defense throughout the course of the preseason and again with San Diego being able to hold them to 3.8 yards a carry," said Mangini. "They’ve made some real strides there. They’ve got some young additions in the secondary that there’s going to be some growing pains like we have but they’re also going to continue to improve.

Special teams:

"I’d say the most dramatic change that they’ve made is they’ve revamped their return game," said Mangini. "They’ve got two young guys Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster that can score at any point and they are different styles, but there’re both guys that can go the distance at any point either in punt return or kick return.

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