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Kansas City Chiefs Aren't Alone With '09 Draft Pick Struggles

We've talked quite a few times about the Kansas City Chiefs 2009 draft class. By the end of last season, we were left thinking that it was a pretty weak class and there were plenty of possible reasons for the lack of production.

Here's one that's becoming increasingly obvious: Maybe it just wasn't a very talent-heavy draft.

NFL draft and all-around football guru Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News noticed some staggering figures on the 2009 draft.

Just 17 regular season games after the 2009 draft, over a third of all the players selected are not on their original team anymore. 85 of the 257 have been waived, traded, retired...all of the above.

For the Chiefs, two are no longer on the team (Colin Brown and Javarris Williams) and one has been waived and re-signed (Quinten Lawrence). Outside of Tyson Jackson and Ryan Succop, the rest of the '09 draft picks weren't considered locks during the recent roster cut down.

The lesson to take out of all this? Even with all the time and man-power put into the scouting process, there's always going to be at least a slight element of a gamble involved.

It's also amazing to see the difference between the '09 and '10 draft classes. By the end of the first half on Monday night, the '10 class has already scored more touchdowns than the '09 class.

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