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Kansas City Chiefs C Rudy Niswanger Gets His Own Sushi Roll

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File this under random but for a good cause. Per The Pitch:

Rudy Niswanger, the 27-year-old center for the Kansas City Chiefs, can add a new achievement to his resume: sushi developer. That's right, the local publicist for the Leawood branch of the Arizona-based RA Sushi restaurant chain announced yesterday that Niswanger -- a native of Monroe, Louisiana -- had "developed" a new sushi roll for the restaurant: the Red Hot Arrowhead Roll.

So he didn't actually create it but he told the restaurant what he liked and they went ahead and threw it together for him.

We wouldn't normally mention something like this but $3 of all the $9 sushi rolls sold will benefit Children's Center for the Visually Impaired so we figured he deserved some recognition. Kudos to him for coming up with a unique way to help the community.

Check out the full story at The Pitch including the contents of the sushi roll (and a picture).