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What Do The Kansas City Chiefs Have In New LB Charlie Anderson?

The Kansas City Chiefs placed rookie LB Cameron Sheffield on injured reserve and to take his spot they signed LB Charlie Anderson, who last played for the Miami Dolphins.

To get a better understanding of what the Chiefs have in Anderson, I talked with Matty from The Phinsider, SB Nation's Dolphins site. Matty explains that Anderson went from the 4-3 defense in Houston to Miami's 3-4 as an outside linebacker. He tells me that while he was mainly an outside linebacker, he also had a small backup role at inside linebacker when Channing Crowder was out for a while.

"But truth be told," The Phinsider tells us, "Anderson is really nothing more than a quality backup. I took some heat from Dolphin fans for continually saying this offseason that if "Charlie Anderson is one of your starting outside linebackers, then you're in trouble." I still feel that way and, clearly, the Dolphins agreed.

"They gave Anderson every opportunity to earn more playing time but he never rose to the occasion. If he's going to be in Kansas City to provide depth, fill in at outside linebacker a few times per game, and play special teams, then he's a solid player to have around. If you need him to play extensively, I'd be worried. He isn't consistent with his pass rush, gets stood up at the point of attack a little too often, and just doesn't have a very high ceiling."

More than likely Anderson becomes the 53rd man on the roster which means he's the first one off if another player they like becomes available. In other words, he probably shouldn't get too comfortable (but, hey, I've been wrong before).

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