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Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley Addresses The Team After The Chargers Win


I know I already said I had my final word on the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers game but then I came across this very cool behind-the-scenes video from on the 21-14 victory.

So, I'll let Todd Haley have the final word. If you can't view the video right now, you should plan to later. But here are a few quotes from Haley when addressing the team after the win:

That was a good job. it wasn't pretty and we made it tougher than it had to be but that's alright. That's alright this time.

We fought through every single play, and when you do that and you play physical every play, again you hung together, then good things will happen.

Guys who stepped int here in therir first NFL game and made some plays...fellas, that's how you play. Where you at 22? Get right here in the middle.

I think Haley likes Dexter McCluster. He told him to step into the middle and the lead the Chiefs in the final cheer.

Good stuff by the Chiefs official site.

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