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Browns Won't Be Setting Records Against The Chiefs This Weekend

Last season, on December 20th, the Cleveland Browns came to Kansas City in a game few outside of Cleveland and KC were anticipating. The Chiefs were bad. The Browns were bad. How interesting could this game have been?

As it turn out, at least for Browns fans, it was a very interesting game. 

RB Jerome Harrison rushed for 286 yards, which was the third highest single game total in NFL history. And KR Josh Cribbs took two kicks back for touchdowns, setting a record himself for most kick returns for touchdowns in an NFL career. 

I think this weekend's game in Cleveland will be far less exciting for Browns fans. Here's why:

The Browns aren't even sure Jerome Harrison is their #1 running back going forward this season. Last week, Harrison was officially the starter but didn't see action until later in the game. RB Peyton Hillis started off the game instead. Both players had 9 carries. Harrison had 52 yards rushing while Hillis put up 41 yards on the ground. 

I think it's safe to say that Jerome Harrison won't be torching the Chiefs' for any NFL records this weekend. 

Finally, in what is a typical pattern for great NFL return men, Josh Cribbs didn't have much success last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In fact, you could argue he had no success. Dawgs by Nature said:

I think nothing was more surprising in the game than the ineffectiveness of Joshua Cribbs in the return game. On three kickoff returns, his longest one was 18 yards. The Buccaneers kicked it deep to him, but Cribbs was always taken down by the first pursuer. Punt returns weren't much better, and he even had a fumble that more times than not would result in a turnover, but somehow Blake Costanzo stepped through a portal and ended up at the bottom of the pile with the football. 

So, a shaky running game combined with a much less powerful return game?

How do the Chiefs not win this game?

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