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Once Again, Cris Carter Picks Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe As His Breakout Player

ESPN analysts were running down their predictions for the 2010 breakout player of the year on Sunday morning and when it came to Cris Carter he not-so-surprisingly picked Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe.

Carter worked up at Larry Fitzgerald's camp while Bowe was there and indicated earlier in the summer that he had been talking to the Chiefs about working with Bowe.

"People in Denver wonder where Brandon Marshall came from," Carter began on Sunday morning. "The next breakout wide receiver in the National Football League is Dwayne Bowe with the Kansas City Chiefs. He has the body, the size, he's taken the conditiong more serious, he's at the perfect weight and he had a great offseason. Look for big things from Bowe."

There's something about Carter's words and his predictions of a big season for Bowe that sounds familiar.

Oh. That's right. Carter said nearly the exact same thing about Bowe while selecting him as his 2009 breakout player.

Carter on July 1, 2009: "Larry Fitzgerald, move over because there's another young gun. And his name is Dwayne Bowe from Kansas City."

We'll see if he's right this time around.

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