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Chargers Opener Will Still Leave Chiefs Searching, Win Or Lose

The only thing learned from Thursday's night's NFL opener is that nobody really knows anything at this point. When the final score displayed on the Saints win over the Vikings, both teams still seemed as if the drawing board was ripe for usage -- and they're considered among the best teams this season in the NFL. Most likely, that same lesson will carry over to the Chiefs vs. Chargers game on Monday Night Football.

Well, I guess we will know a few things. Fans will know how they feel about the new Arrowhead Stadium. And, well, that's about it, so maybe there's only one thing we can learn. Whether the Chiefs win or lose (and here's hoping they start off with a win), the same questions that exist before Week 1 will be the ones that linger into Week 2 and 3. That's because the lessons the Chiefs need to learn are the ones that reveal themselves over the course of the weekly grind known as the NFL regular season.

Take a look at the Saints/Vikes game. The Saints offense absolutely sputtered, save for the two opening drives of each half (which means their coaches' game plans heading in were strong, but their ability to adjust was poor). But how much of that is about an early season hangover or some serious personnel issues? To react too soon is to react poorly. You need weeks to figure these things out. The Chiefs will find some trouble spots and holes will be highlighted during the broadcast. Other players will step up and coaching calls will be praised. But depending on those to last through the season just isn't feasible.

The Chiefs greatest questions are the ones that can be answered in 2010, but only after most of the season is finished. Is Matt Cassel the answer at quarterback? A fantastic or horrific first week won't really answer that question. Was maintaining the same front seven as last season a mistake? Again, we won't know after a week. We might see some signs of the playmakers the Chiefs supposedly brought in -- and here's hoping -- like a long return from Javier Arenas or a turnover or big hit from Eric Berry out of the defensive backfield. But the clouds of question over the main areas of the Chiefs will hover for some time.

Of course, we all desire a win. A divisional win over the consensus favorite would be a great way to start the season, but a 300 yard passing game or several sack effort won't silence my questions for some time. And we'll be debating many of the same things each and every week. At the same time, I'm just excited to be talking regular season football results again.

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