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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Evening Practice To Prepare For Monday Night Football

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers will take the field at 9:15 p.m. for the second Monday Night Football game.

Because it's a late start, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is practicing at night to get used to the late night game.

"As you guys know," Haley said on Friday, "we’re going to go up to Arrowhead and we’re going to try to do that at all costs, get up there, hopefully a little bit under the lights, just as part of our efforts to get acclimated to our stadium, some of the timing of the game."

That was yesterday and the practice was moved inside due to lightning.

"With just the difference in start times for our team, I think it’s great enough that it may just help us in some way, shape or form to get on that Monday schedule," he said.

The Chiefs will try another night practice at Arrowhead Stadium this evening. Then on Sunday it's a walk-through to prepare for Monday night.

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