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Chiefs' Mike Vrabel Says There's No Comparison Between Thomas Jones, Larry Johnson

Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel understands he doesn't have a lot of time remaining in the NFL. He signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs last March so it's very possible this is it for him in the NFL.

That's why he was excited to see a guy like Thomas Jones coming to Kansas City this year. Vrabel knows that with limited time remaining. the Chiefs need as many Jones-like guys in the locker room as possible.

"As a player, I'm familiar with him," Vrabel told Jim Rome on Friday morning. "His professional attitude, the power, durability and all those things you want from a back -- not to mention a great leader. A guy that's here early, working out and staying in these guys' ears about being a professional."

When talking about Jones, we use words like "big, physical running back". That description fits (or did fit at one time) former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson. But don't compare those two, Vrabel says.

"Like I told the guy the other day that asked me about Larry Johnson, they don't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. Thomas is around the locker room and he's available to younger guys and vets saying 'Should we talk about this schedule?' or 'Should we talk to coach about this meeting?' things like that just trying to get the voice of the locker room and the coaches' ear."

Well said.

Vrabel also touched on a very interesting topic that Todd Haley addressed on Thursday -- talent vs. skill.

"I think that leadership is closer but certainly you'd like to have those guys that can play because at the end of the day you need guys that can flat-out play," he said. "You need an understanding that my talent or your talent has to be part of a team and not just a one-man band. The guys that  we have are already fitting in. They're great teammates. They're good young kids -- Eric Berry, Javier, Dex, Tony, Cameron -- it's just a good group of kids. The fact that they can play a little bit of football, it makes it nice."

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