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Chiefs vs. Chargers: Todd Haley Ready To See Arrowhead In Action

The Kansas City Chiefs started off terribly last season meaning most of the home games saw Arrowhead stadium barely over half-capacity. I imagine after everything Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was told about Arrowhead stadium it was a disappointing sight.

This time around, on Monday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers, Haley says he's ready to put year one behind him and move onto year two.

"[The fans] haven't scattered trash all over my lawn or thrown eggs at the windows which is good," Haley told Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix, AZ on Thursday evening. "This is a great, great fan base. I said it when I took the job, it's one of the reasons I did."

Haley says he remembers seeing Arizona Cardinals shirts all over town when they went to the Super Bowl in 2008 and he's hoping to see the same in Kansas City. Growing up in Pittsburgh, he says he can see the similarities between Chiefs and Steelers fans.

"It reminds me of Pittsburgh growing up and my father being part of that, and ultimately me being around that for most of my adolescence. It's a great fan base and it's been a little down and out. We have to win them back and the only way we're going to do that is to show continued improvement. I think there is optimism because people have seen signs of that."

Pretty simple, really: Win and the fans will be back. Lose and they won't be.

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