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Kansas City Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Selling Red Friday Magazines

Occasionally in the mornings I go by a coffee shop on the Plaza here in Kansas City, MO to wake up prepare for the day. On my coffee run this morning, I drove down Main St. past a NBC camera crew interviewing....Clark Hunt?

Yes, it's Red Friday. Clark Hunt and other former Kansas City Chiefs greats like Gary Spani were selling Red Friday magazines, which will benefit the Chiefs Children's Fund.

"Red Friday is a chance to kick off the football season," Hunt told NBC Action News. "We're all so excited with Monday Night Football right around the corner and Red Friday is a way to get the team and the organization to get our fans excited to cheer the Chiefs on."

Monday is an especially big day for Kansas City with the Royals playing in the afternoon and the Chiefs that evening. It's a day I've dubbed "The Longest Day Ever".

"Monday's going to be a very big game for us and a very big day at the [Truman] Sports Complex," He said. "With the Royals playing in the afternoon and the Chiefs playing that evening it's going to be one of the biggest days at the [Truman] Sports Complex in many years. We ask fans to remember to get out there early and go to our website to look at the parking regulations because it's giong to be a busy day at the Truman Sports Complex."

The Chiefs want fans in their seats by 8:35 p.m. for some sort of surprise they're calling "The Experience".

No word yet on what that is.

Did any of you but a Red Friday magazine this morning?

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