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Matt Leinart Doesn't Make Sense For The Chiefs

OK, I wasn't going to address the trade rumors surrounding Matt Leinart (here's info on that) but I've now received four separate emails on the topic all asking the same question: Would the Chiefs be interested in trading for Matt Leinart?

The connection, and where the question stems from, is that Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was with Leinart in Arizona. Other than that there's no real reason why this question would be coming up.

in order to avoid answering four separate emails for a question others may have, here's my answer: No, they would not be interested in Leinart.

First, let's start with salary. Leinart is entering the final two years of a six-year, $50 million deal. He's due nearly $13 million in salary and bonuses next year. That would make him among the highest paid players on the team.

Second, the Chiefs wouldn't give up compensation for a quarterback who will play second fiddle.

Third, Leinart has said he doesn't want to play second fiddle to anyone so a trade wouldn't change his unhappy situation and the Chiefs don't like unhappy players.

Fourth, Leinart's just not very good. He's clearly shown he's far from being a complete quarterback and the Chiefs have a guy whose farther along than he is.

Fifth, and probably most important, the Chiefs can't and won't disrupt Matt Cassel's confidence as the unquestioned leader of the team. Quarterbacks are unlike any other position in that coaches are willing to coddle them because so much of it is mental.

And with that, you won't be seeing Matt Leinart's name popping up around here very often, if ever again.

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