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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Sees One Positive Out Of Ryan O'Callaghan's Absence


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was talking about the right tackle spot at his Tuesday afternoon press conference. The starter, Ryan O'Callaghan, has been out over a week with some sort of injury. That's caused Barry Richardson to step into the first team role.

Richardson is a guy last year that I don't think a lot of people knew much about. He was drafted late (sixth round) in that 2008 draft and didn't see a whole lot of time as a rookie. Haley says now, with him playing more, that there's "a lot more known, most of it being good."

Haley acknowledged that the Chiefs do need to stay healthy because, as he said earlier in the week, the Chiefs don't have enough depth anywhere.

"Depth is always going to be an issue and that’s just the way it is at most places," he said. "Those types of players are difficult to find, particularly at the tackle position, right or left. I don’t think they’re just producing them off a conveyor belt."

I think he realizes that the starters could be a decent team in 2010. However, there are always injuries that mess up your plans. Somewhere along the line a starter is going to miss multiple games and a huge weakness will potentially open up.

The Chiefs health will be one of the major story lines in the 2010 season. They've been pretty lucky so far so it'll be interesting to see how long that holds up.

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