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Chiefs Training Camp: Brian Waters Has 'No Idea' If He'll Play Against Falcons

The Kansas City Chiefs open their 2010 preseason schedule Friday night in Atlanta against the Falcons. It'll be a good test to see who can do what in a game setting.

It's good news that Brian Waters returned to practice on Monday. He hadn't participated in camp because of some sort of ankle/foot injury.

"It was part of the plan," Waters said when asked why he returned today (audio via "It was just a test today and we're going to continue to go and go and improve and do more. At least that's the plan right now."

Waters said he didn't want to put any percentages on his health right now and said he had has "no idea" if he'll play Friday against the Falcons.

It was good timing for him to return. Not only is it game week but the Chiefs were also missing Waters' backup, Darryl Harris, after he suffered an injury during practice last Friday.

"It's one of the worst things watching your teammates work hard and be tired," Waters said. "Feeling like you haven't put in an honest day's work isn't the best feeling."

Waters seemed a little out of breath speaking to reporters so it sounds like he got that honest day's work in.