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Chiefs Training Camp: Charlie Weis Meets The Media

We haven't heard anything from Charlie Weis (except on the practice field) since his press conference when the Kansas City Chiefs hired him to be offensive coordinator nearly eight months ago. Per NFL policy, coordinators have to be made available to the media during training camp so that's what the Chiefs did today with Weis.

We know one of the biggest reasons Weis was brought into Kansas City: Matt Cassel.

His pedigree with quarterbacks is awfully impressive and NFL teams generally go only as far as their quarterback will take them so it was important for the Chiefs to get someone to work with him, someone who wasn't already holding two full-time jobs like Todd Haley.

Weis told reporters that he watched every snap of Cassel's 2009 season and then went back to 2008 to "diagnose the flaws," according to the Kansas City Star's Kent Babb.

"The first thing I wanted to do was help fix the quarterback," Weis said, according to Bob Gretz of CBS Sports. "It wasn’t that he wasn’t being coached before, but I had to know what the problems were. I wanted to know where we were with this kid."

The result in Monday morning's practice?

Not great, according to reports.

Bob Gretz of reports that Cassel had several bad passes during practice this morning including one that he "badly underthrew" to an open Dexter McCluster. Nick Wright of 610 Sports also said Cassel had a rough day.

I'll be heading up to training camp for the evening practice and I'll keep an eye on Cassel's play.