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Scouting Never Ends For The Kansas City Chiefs

We haven't talked about the NFL draft in quite a while because, frankly, most of us are sick of talking about it. Nearly the entire NFL offseason is spent predicting who will be picked here, who worked out with who and analyzing which teams ultimately picked each player.

The start of training camp is when we get back to Kansas City Chiefs football.

Well, not quite. Ted Hutton of the South Florida Sun Sentinel had this to say via Twitter this afternoon:

Couple scouts in The Oxley today -- Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans...not sure where the agents are hiding...

The Oxley Center is the facility for Florida Atlanta University.

The Chiefs sent scouts to a FAU game against Troy last year.

I'm not speculating on the 2011 draft -- waaaay to early for that -- but I do find it interesting that the scouts are already back (and, more likely, have been back for some time) getting ready for next April.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told Jack Harry of NBC Action News this week, "I'm never comfortable. I'm comfortable knowing that we put the foundation in and we're going to grow. But, in terms of getting comfortable, I never get comfortable. It's just not in my makeup."

The work never ends.