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Joe Montana To Marcus Allen: 'KC In The House'

Before the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals kicked off the preseason in the Hall of Fame game, EA Sports hosted a flag football game.

There were a few Kansas City Chiefs connections there: Tony Gonzalez (coach), Joe Montana and Marcus Allen.

The game came down to the wire and included a little Kansas City flavor at the end.

A reader sent in an account of the game so I'll pass it along to you.

It was Red vs. Blue.  TO coaching Blue and Tony G. coaching Red.  Joe Montana and Marcus Allen playing for Red/Tony G.!!  Red team down (less than a TD).  Montana throws to Deion Sanders who is ‘tackled’ at the 3 yardline with 3 seconds left and the clock ticks to zero.  Blue storms the field in celebration.  Tony G. is yelling that he called timeout and the refs grant it.  So, Montana takes the snap, is flushed out of the pocket.  RIGHT before he’s ‘sacked’ he finds Marcus Allen in the end zone for the game winner. 

Allen and Montana embrace with the cameras right on them.  Allen says repeatedly, "KC connection—KC in the house.  KC in the house!!"  Cameras immediately shift to Tony G. in celebration. 

That's right. The KC connection.

Good to know those guys haven't forgotten '93 and '94.

I've been looking for a YouTube video of it but haven't been successful yet. Be sure to pass it along if you find one.