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Chiefs Training Camp: More Reviews Flowing In

I was on a radio show last week talking about the surprising optimism rolling out of the Kansas City Chiefs training camp. The host was surprised that people are feeling so good about the Chiefs considering the last three years.

Indeed there's optimism building and more folks are starting to take notice. Writers from Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports recently took in Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, MO and the early reviews are optimistic (as they are for nearly every team this time of year).

Don Banks,

I might sound at the moment like I'm drinking the Kool-Aid the Chiefs are dishing out, but I really believe we may look back at Kansas City's 2010 draft class in years to come and view it as the kind of foundation-type draft that serves as a springboard for future Chiefs success.

Overall: Banks seems happy with where the Chiefs are headed.

Clark Judge, (and another one here):

Just a hunch, but the Kansas City Chiefs emerge from their funk this season.

You heard me -- the Kansas City Chiefs -- a club that lost 35 of its last 41 games, produced no more than four victories in any of its last three seasons and ranked in the bottom third of most offensive and defensive departments last year.

Overall: Judge thinks the Chiefs are moving in the right direction but still has concerns about the defensive line.