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Chiefs Training Camp: Todd Haley Says Thomas Jones Is A 'Beast'

We noted last week that Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley and assistant coach Maurice Carthon had gotten on Thomas Jones' case a few times for mental mistakes during training camp practice.

So has that affected what Haley thinks of Jones?

Not one bit.

"Thomas Jones, he's off the charts,'' Haley told Don Banks of, a camp visitor on Saturday. "I've never been around somebody who's the complete package like him, and I've been around a lot of great leaders and players. The thing I'm most excited about is, on tape you saw no drop-off last year, but you always worry about that position when you get to a certain age. But when I saw him start to run in camp, I said 'this is the guy.'

"And then the leadership side. The guy is a beast. He is the real deal. Because he knows what it takes. Nobody can out work him. He's been part of turnaround teams and he's been part of success in places that hadn't had a lot of success [Bears and Jets]. And now he's got something to prove [because the Jets let him go], so it's a good combination.''

Yeah, I'd say he likes him.

History, though, doesn't like soon-to-be 32-year old running backs.