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Chiefs Training Camp: The First Off Day

The Kansas City Chiefs have been through nine days of training camp. They've been rotating with two practices on one day, one practice the next, and so on.

Today they've got their first off day. No practice. No pads. No heat.

Must be nice.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said of the off day, "First and foremost is take care of their bodies and that involves a lot of different things. That would be the number one thing on the agenda. This is a time to rest, that’s what the purpose of a little time off for us is.

"They’ve put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies here over the last week. This is an opportunity to rest, take care of their bodies, hydrate and stay off their feet to put them in the best possible position to come back Monday and get back at it and hopefully improve."

The off day should help Tony Moeaki, who left Saturday's scrimmage with some sort of injury. Trainers were wrapping his leg in ice.

I'll be curious to see if Brian Waters returns after this break.