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Chiefs Training Camp: Derrick Johnson Says He's More Of A Complete Player

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson has been running with the first and second team throughout training camp. On Friday, the Chiefs switched things up slightly by pairing him with LB Corey Mays. Previously he's been working with Jovan Belcher on the inside.

DJ told Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports after practice Friday that he's becoming more of a complete player.

"I think I'm getting better every day and I think it's because of the scheme," DJ said. "It's teaching me new things, especially approaching blockers. I'm not saying I wasn't good at approaching blockers but in a 4-3 defense you approach it differently. It's just a different scheme. The things I know now...I think I'm more of a complete player right now."

I go back often to what Zach Thomas had to say upon arriving in Kansas City last year. He suggested that DJ's role on the Chiefs 3-4 defense would be his best scheme yet and really free him up to use his athleticism.

DJ explained, specifically, what he is doing now with the 3-4 that he wasn't before.

"Just using my hands more," he said. "I've always been pretty physical with blockers but just using my hands more.  Being more consistent with my hands and shedding blockers. I'm doing a bunch of stuff this year that in a 4-3 you don't have a chance to do. It's kind of more of a run and hit thing with the 4-3 defense but right now it's take care of your responsibility, then go get the ball."