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Chiefs Training Camp: Chris Chambers Tired Of Talking Drops

Kind of the default question out here at Kansas City Chiefs training camp for receivers is usually something related to the drops last season. The Chiefs led the league in drops last year so there's always a question about overcoming that, if last season affects this season and so on.

Chiefs receiver Chris Chambers is ready to pull a Drew Rosenhaus and say: Next question.

"Last year is last year. I’m really sick and tired of talking about dropped passes," Chambers said after Thursday’s afternoon practice, according to Nick Draper of St. Joe's News Press.. "That was last year’s team. That was last year’s group. Receivers are going to get the brunt of that even though it’s a team thing with running backs and tight ends. They all were involved in that. This is a new year. Of course, there’s an emphasis for us to come out here and make plays and catch the ball."

That's the topic of conversation for the receivers this offseason. I don't have a problem talking about it because all the drops kind of came out of nowhere (other than Dwayne Bowe).

In year one with Todd Haley we learned he was big on details and he was a former receiver coach. That's why it was a little bit of a surprise that all the receivers had drops problems last year.

So while Chambers is sick of talking about it, talking about how to fix the problem comes with the territory of leading the league in drops.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)