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Chiefs Training Camp: A Look From The National Level

We told you the other day that ESPN's John Clayton took a trip out to St. Joe to take in a Kansas City Chiefs training camp practice.

I'm always really interested in these stories (and Associated Press stories) because they're the ones the majority of NFL fans are reading about the Chiefs.

So what did Clayton have to say about the Chiefs?

1. Dexter McCluster is the most exciting addition to the Chiefs' offense in the past two years, but it's hard to say how much he can affect the offense.

Correct. Clayton nailed this one and I'm a little surprised. I thought the big story here would've been the easy one -- Eric Berry. But if you attend a Chiefs practice, McCluster is clearly the one that excites folks the most.

How can he help the team? It's one of those things where you'll just have to get him on the field and see. How he responds to his first big hit will be very interesting.

2. Haley isn't saying how he will use running backs Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles, the question most fantasy fans are asking.

I'd say this is also fair. Jones has been running with the first team recently and most are wondering how they'll handle Jamaal Charles, who became a star in the second half of the season.

We've previously guessed that it'd be a 60/40 split with Charles leading the way.

3. Chiefs fans might have to be a little more patient for the development of the defense.

Yup. The Chiefs did nothing to upgrade the front seven other than fifth round pick Cameron Sheffield. Todd Haley has said they're banking on the development of the guys already in-house, including the four first round picks.


A fair look at the Chiefs, no? Clayton's one of ESPN's better reporters (in my humble opinion) and I think in one day he was able to grasp a nice overview of the Chiefs offseason.

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