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Chiefs Training Camp: Focus Shifts To Brandon Carr

Kansas City Chiefs safety cornerback Brandon Carr was drafted the same year as Brandon Flowers and in some ways the two will always be connected. Flowers has excelled and is on his way to making his case to be an elite cornerback while Carr has stagnated at times.

I think, as a second corner, Carr is going to work. Of course positions can always be upgraded but having two Flowers-esque corners is a luxury that a team like the Chiefs can't have at this point.

On Wednesday night, Carr's struggles were highlighted in front of the more than 8,000 fans that showed up to Spratt Stadium to watch the Chiefs first night practice.

During one-on-one drills against receivers, Carr was burned several times for long touchdown passes. Those stories you're reading this morning about the offense being on cue is partly due to some of the coverage from Carr. The Kansas City Star called his camp so far "unimpressive."

"Things could be done better as always," Carr said after practice, "but I'm going to go everyday and work my hardest and get better."

Carr isn't the fastest defensive back on the field so his technique comes into play moreso than a guy like Flowers. The way players solve speed problems is getting physical at the point of attack in press coverage.

"I think I've been trying to work on my press technique a little better from previous years and get off the line quicker," he said. "I'm going to use my speed off the line and my length on the receivers so that's something I'm trying to get better on in this training camp."

My take: Carr shouldn't be a focal point right now. Sure, he has flaws in his game but he's entering his third year, has 32 starts and has generally been a good complement to Flowers. And he's doing it all with the worst pass rush in the NFL the last two years. Carr's ascension from fifth round nobody to NFL starter affords him more time to be evaluated.