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Chiefs Training Camp: Rookies Stealing The Show

One week ago the Kansas City Chiefs arrived in St. Joseph, Missouri for training camp and thus far it's the rookies who are stealing the show.

Generally, rookies in the NFL don't have a huge impact because the size and speed difference from college is so big that it takes them a year or two (or three...or four) to get used to it.

That's not the case with the Chiefs.

Arguably the most impressive player in camp so far is Dexter McCluster, the Chiefs second round pick. After he was drafted, and looking at all those highlight reels, I figured it would take some time for a smaller back like him to become adjusted to the pro game.

Apparently not.

He's like a jitterbug on the field (Kendrick Lewis's words) and what has impressed me the most is his ability to catch the ball. He's got a nice set of hands and demonstrated that Wednesday night at the Chiefs evening practice with several catches over 40 yards in the air full speed.

Then there's Kendrick Lewis, the other star of the night practice. Along with McCluster, he's the unanimous MVP of the night practice if you check around the Chiefs blogosphere.

Think about that. A fifth round pick was arguably the best defensive player on the field Wednesday night. There's no logical reason that should be happening but, for the Chiefs, it is.

Those two are enough for a good rookie class in year one but it doesn't stop there

Eric Berry is an immediate starter at safety. He's shown he's got the speed and instincts to fit in with the offense from day one. Javier Arenas appears to have the nickel spot locked down at this point.

Even Tony Moeaki, the Chiefs third round tight end, had an impressive evening catching the ball. At one point, he caught a Brodie Croyle pass with two defenders hanging on him. It would've been six points plus a pass interference penalty to boot.

The difference between this rookie class and the 2009 rookie class is phenomenal. There is no comparison. This is shaping up to be a special draft class.