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Chiefs Training Camp: Team Starting Their Second Practice Of The Day

chiefs training camp
chiefs training camp

The Kansas City Chiefs are just getting underway with their second practice of this Wednesday, August the 4th.

Joel is at practice now (as I'm sure many of you are) and he'll be providing his usual updates after practice. But tonight, we thought we'd try something new and give you a live feed of Joel's training camp tweets as they happen. If you haven't seen it lately, the AP Twitter account is very entertaining to follow, and I say that because it's entirely Joel running it now. He's doing a damn fine job on it if I do say so myself.

The plan, after this test post, is to probably include Kent Babb's tweets because he's at camp as well. That way we'll get excellent coverage of training camp, as it happens. It sounds pretty cool already actually.

So, usual practice updates to come after practice, and Joel's live training camp tweets after the jump...Edit: Maybe not after the jump after all. For some reason the feed won't go after the jump. I'll look into this now and try and figure it out. -Chris