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Chiefs Training Camp: Over Half The Roster Went Undrafted

Josh Looney of has a nice look at the Kansas City Chiefs never-ending scouting process.

In the story, he includes a full list of the undrafted players on the Chiefs 80-man roster.

There are 41 total undrafted players.

  • 26/41 have less than 20 games experience.
  • 19/41 have no regular season experience.
  • 5/41 have over 50 regular season games experience.

Part of this is a result of the Chiefs going so young over the last few seasons. When you have so many young, undrafted players, you're bound to find a few Jovan Belchers or Maurice Leggetts that stick.

It's also just the nature of training camp. Sometimes you just need bodies to fill position groups.

Take outside linebacker John Russell, who was signed this week (and Josh talks about in his story). The Chiefs probably saw something in him that they liked but they also needed another outside linebacker with Pierre Walters out this week. Sometimes it's just about bodies and the undrafted guys are more willing to throw the bodies on the line (the way Todd Haley and Co. like it).

Of all the undrafted guys Looney lists at, I think the majority of them can make a case to be on the 53 man roster. Sometime in the next week, I'll take a crack at the 53-man roster and see how it shakes out.