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Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Schedule Could Be A Major Benefit

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We continue on with the final installment of our chat with Bill Barnwell of

In part one, we talked about Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali surpassing Denver Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil and in part two we looked at defensive ends Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson.

Barnwell obviously likes where the Chiefs are going. He ranked their under-25 talent among the best in the NFL and called Hali's Pro Bowl snub "ludicrous".

So here's another good one: Barnwell and the Football Outsiders gang predicts in their 2010 Almanac that, when it's all said and done, the Chiefs will have the easiest schedule in 2010.

The preseason strength of schedule -- while entertaining -- isn't quite accurate considering teams change so often from year-to-year. The FO crew uses a bevy of numbers to predict where teams will finish in the following year. For the Chiefs, their predictions say they'll end with the easiest schedule in 2010.

So is it really possible they can win the division?

"Absolutely," Barnwell said. "We talk about [in the 2010 Almanac] the ease of their schedule (they share 14 games with the Chargers, but San Diego gets Cincinnati and New England, and the Chiefs get Cleveland and Buffalo) in the chapter, the improvements made to the weakest parts of the lineup (center and safety), and their ability to stay healthy over the past few years, which should serve them well with better talent.

He predicts that they'll be "the best team in a weak division."

Right now, the Chiefs path is getting easier. The Chargers are preparing to lineup without their top receiver and left tackle. Oh, and they lost a rookie linebacker, who they were hoping could start, for the season.