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Chiefs Training Camp: Todd Haley Gives Players A Break On Wednesday Afternoon

The Kansas City Chiefs training camp has been a "grind" according to head coach Todd Haley with the heat index passing 100 and going two-a-day every other day.

That's part of the reason Haley gave them a break and toned down Wednesday's afternoon session.

"Yesterday, a very good day for us," Haley said. "It was a difficult day but I felt really good about the work we were able to get in in difficult conditions. That was a good sign for me, as a head coach, so this morning we went ahead and went indoors and had a glorified walk-through in the air-conditioning."

Haley throwing the players a bone? Maybe. But I imagine he wants them fresh for the crowd this evening's practice, which is expected to be the largest of camp to this point.

"I just thought after seven practices and real good work it was the thing to do especially in light of tonight's practice which we'll go in full pads and go under the lights, even though it's starting to look a little dark," he said.

That last part about it being a "little dark" is a reference to the rain, which if current forecasts hold up, will just miss the 7:15-9:15 p.m. night practice scheduled.

Audio of Haley's media session with reporters comes courtesy of