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Chiefs Training Camp: Parking Rules Tweaked As MWSU Readies For Biggest Crowd Yet

The Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri Western State University are both new to training camp in St. Joe so both sides have said they'll learn as they go along and tweak things as needed.

MWSU made their first change: They cut the price in half for the paid parking lot. It's now $5 to park there and not $10.

''The goal of both Missouri Western and the Chiefs is to make training camp an enjoyable experience for the fans,'' said athletic director Dave Williams. ''After receiving feedback from fans and taking all factors into consideration, we decided a reduction in the parking fee is appropriate.''

(Editor's Note: Parking is run by the school and not the Chiefs.)

I've noticed since I've been going to camp that the paid parking lot isn't even close to full. In fact, I'd be surprised if they hit 1/3rd capacity even on the busiest day so far. Folks just don't want to pay (unless you're tailgating then that's where you want to be).

The paid lot is closer to the field than the free lot, which is about a quarter mile walk.

This change occurs on the day in which the Chiefs are expecting their biggest crowd yet. Some think there could be as many as 10,000 fans attending tonight's evening practice from 7:15-9:15 p.m. The biggest number I've seen so far is slightly over 5,000 fans at Saturday's session.

As for any other changes at camp, the Kansas City Star's Kent Babb has a suggestion:

Now if they'd cut the blasted price of water in half, MWSU would be in business.