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Chiefs Training Camp: State Of The Nose Tackles

We're closing in on one week into Kansas City Chiefs training camp so I figured we'd take at the one position most people are worried about: Nose tackle.

There hasn't been a whole lot of change since last season.

Running with the first team, for the vast majority of the time, is Ron Edwards. I don't think most feel he's the future at nose tackle because of a combination of his age and ability. I think he's an acceptable stopgap but, as some have said, the Chiefs nose tackle is increasingly important with so much money invested in the two men playing on either side of him.

Derek Lokey is a name we haven't heard a whole lot but he's definitely in the nose tackle mix.

"I think probably the best lifter [on the defensive line] is Derek Lokey," head coach Todd Haley said. "Nobody likes the weight room more than Derek."

Haley likes hard workers and if it comes down a backup position and all things being equal, I could see him going with the harder worker.

That leaves Shaun Smith, who has received on-again-and-off-again praise from the coaching staff. Of course we hold out hope for him around here because he put up a solid season with Romeo Crennel in Cleveland. For the most part, he's been on the second and third team splitting with Lokey.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be keeping an Crennel. He's been keeping a watchful eye on that line and I would imagine that his thoughts on the nose tackles will weigh heavily on the depth chart to open the season.

For now, it appears it's Edwards' job to lose while Lokey and Smith battle for the backup job. But, we're still over a month away from the Chiefs having to make that roster decision.