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Chiefs Training Camp: Cassel-To-Chambers Combo Gets Going

The Kansas City Chiefs are nearing the end of the first week of training camp and, relative to last season, everyone seems much sharper. The Chiefs had a nice jump on things in the offseason with Charlie Weis getting on board shortly after the season ended.

"There are wrinkles [in Weis's offense] but we did so much work over the offseason," WR Chris Chambers said Tuesday, via "We've pretty much doing the same stuff we've been working on all offseason. I'm sure once it gets to the games it'll be a different scenario with more game planning. Right now, we're going with different combinations to see what's working best right now."

The Chiefs receivers have consistently been Chambers, Dwayne Bowe and a mix of Dexter McCluster and Jerheme Urban as the third. That's good news because continuity with the quarterback is a major part of the receiver/quarterback combination.

Of course, last year the Chiefs didn't need continuity in Chambers first game. He arrived in Kansas City in the middle of the week after being picked up via waivers and caught three passes for 70 yards and two touchdowns in his first game in red.

"We've been able to hit a couple over the top," Chambers said of his timing with Matt Cassel this camp.

It's good news to hear that there's not a ton of installation going on right now. The Chiefs were able to get most of that during the offseason so now it's just working on rhythm with Cassel.

That's one more excuse the Chiefs can't use for a bad offensive showing in 2010.